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BlueVoyant enable and execute exceptional cybersecurity defense and protection through technology and tailored services.

BlueVoyant Services

Who Is BlueVoyant?

BlueVoyant is a cybersecurity services company that prides themselves on BlueVoyant ability to maintain the agility and passion of a start-up with the expertise only seen in well-established organizations. BlueVoyant was built differently - with a unique purpose and with unparalleled support - to protect organizations of all sizes against agile, and well-funded adversaries. Armed with capital, BlueVoyant’s leadership set out to build a better cybersecurity model. BlueVoyant’s priorities were to hire the industry’s top-talent and acquire the best technology and data to deliver exceptional threat intelligence to large organizations, and scalable services comprised of intelligence, technology and expertise to resource-constrained teams.

Keeping BlueVoyant Passion For Excellence

In 2017, BlueVoyant was built smarter, from the ground up. BlueVoyant assembled a team of engineers, analysts, and security professionals all with a passion for innovation and problem-solving. BlueVoyant's employees work and learn from one another - exploring new ideas, expanding BlueVoyant capabilities, and driving additional value for BlueVoyant clients.

Service, Technology, Expertise

BlueVoyant team is made up of nimble problem solvers who are energized by the idea of outsmarting threat actors. Because BlueVoyant is built on best-of-breed technology, proprietary service models, threat intelligence data, and expert analysts, BlueVoyant is uniquely positioned to focus energy on the evolving threat landscape. BlueVoyant expert analysts don’t spend their days on mundane tasks; those processes and playbooks are automated to allow us to detect and respond faster and with less manual human intervention.

BlueVoyant offers Increased Visibility, Professional Insights and Targeted Responsiveness

Managed Security Services

For companies that need an elite security operations center partner.

Clients can achieve the same level of security previously available to only the most well-defended organizations through layerable services and solutions that are structured around unique needs.

Professional Services

For companies that need forensics, incident response, or proactive security services.

World class defensive cybersecurity personnel respond to advanced cyber threats through programs that stop threat actors in their tracks. Fully prevent, assess, respond, and remediate cybersecurity events.


Layer Your Security - Choose Services That Are Relevant, Robust And Right-sized For Your Organization

Replace tools and services that don’t communicate with one another. BlueVoyant Managed Security Services leverage the insights from Threat Intelligence and the expertise from Professional Services to create an end-to-end solution for BlueVoyant clients.

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Security dashboard

Data Sets


Defend Your Enterprise With Better Intelligence

BlueVoyant own exclusive rights to large proprietary data sets. BlueVoyant match this information with globally distributed and external threat detection sets to correlate petabytes of TI data in real-time to drive relevant threat identification and faster remediation.



BlueVoyant team’s knowledge of attacker methodologies and access to the latest threat intelligence enables them to assess, respond, and remediate your cybersecurity events.

Professional Services help evolve your cybersecurity at the rate you need to compete against agile, well-financed, and faster attackers. BlueVoyant team’s knowledge of attacker methodologies and access to the latest threat intelligence enables us to assess, respond, and remediate your cybersecurity events.

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Technology Partners

Expert Operators Enhance the Power of Tech

Expert Operators Enhance the Power of Tech BlueVoyant possesses a deep operational knowledge of the best-of-breed technologies in the cybersecurity sector. These technology partners work with BlueVoyant to create tailored and scalable offerings that meet the unique needs of BlueVoyant clients. Contact your client care representative.

  • Splunk
  • Carbon Black
  • CrowdStrike
  • IronNet

Technology Platform

BlueVoyant offers the following Managed Security Services through BlueVoyant technology platform:

  • Detection-as-a-Service
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR+)
  • Managed SIEM with Splunk Enterprise
  • Vulnerability Management Services

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