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Defending The 99%

Defending The 99%

How small and midsize organizations can achieve the same level of security as the largest and most well-defended organizations

Most world-class security technologies are only available to the “security 1%”: banks, national governments, and the largest enterprises. These organizations have sizable budgets to hire and retain significant expertise and purchase or develop premier security solutions. Although these large enterprises drive innovation, their solutions don’t map well to the other 99%, especially small-to-midsized organizations.

Smaller enterprises are typically constrained by budget and resources. They are forced to compromise when it comes to cybersecurity. What’s alarming is that these organizations are in the cross-hairs of bad actors. In fact, according to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, 58% of breach victims are categorized as “small businesses”.

David Etue, cybersecurity expert and BlueVoyant’s Global Head of Managed Security Services, discusses the risks your SMB organization faces and provides guidance on how you can achieve the optimum level of cybersecurity.

In this piece, learn:

  • Why and how SMBs are being targeted
  • The unique cybersecurity challenges faced by small-to-midsize businesses
  • How BlueVoyant is democratizing cybersecurity by protecting organizations of all sizes against agile and weell-financed cyber attackers through highly-scalable service offerings tailored to meet the needs of BlueVoyant's clients

This ebook is derived from a BlueVoyant interview with Redmond Magazine conducted June 2019.

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