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Proactive Services

Proactive Services

Holistic Approach to Cyber Defense

A reactive cybersecurity strategy is no longer sufficient in the face of today’s increasingly sophisticated threats. Security incidents that affect your organization’s infrastructure can cause significant and costly disruptions to business operations.

BlueVoyant’s Proactive Services team provides tailored assessments and recommendations for improving your cybersecurity controls. BlueVoyant can help you reduce your risk and protect your most critical assets by anticipating threats and enhancing internal processes.

Proven Processes and Results

Stopping adversaries who are actively looking to exploit vulnerabilities requires a proven methodology crafted and evolved by experienced cybersecurity experts.

BlueVoyant experience in assessing some of the most advanced breaches around the world gives us insight into the attacker mindset. BlueVoyant team has worked in every major industry and our access to multiple threat intelligence data sources allow them to deliver a robust action plan.

BlueVoyant Services

BlueVoyant offers a variety of services that can help you prepare for emerging attacks by today’s sophisticated threat actors. BlueVoyant can test your security controls, assess your security posture, and create effective response plans - helping you optimize your existing security investments.

NIST Cybersecrutiy Assessment:

BlueVoyant experts will compare and examine your existing security program against several industry standards. Using NIST and BlueVoyant proprietary frameworks, BlueVoyant will develop a prioritized action plan to identify existing cybersecurity gaps.

Assessment Baseline Help Prioritize Cybersecurity Improvements

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed a guide for assessing the security controls within federal information systems and organizations. This NIST Guide establishes common assessment procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of security controls and ensures that companies are using consistent, comparable, and repeatable security assessments of cybersecurity systems. It is considered an industry standard for comprehensive security posture assessment.

How NIST Helps

BlueVoyant uses the NIST guide in conjunction with our own carefully developed proprietary framework. BlueVoyant uses it as part of a larger, holistic plan to help clients develop awareness of their existing deficiencies and to recommend improvements.

As a starting point for developing more specific assessment procedures and targeted plans, BlueVoyant works with internal IT teams to create organization-specific recommendations that are robust, relevant, and right-sized.

Engaging BlueVoyant

Some of the key benefits of engaging BlueVoyant include gaining an understanding of your cybersecurity risks, existing infrastructure gaps, and external vulnerability blindspots. You can better justify your security investments for key stakeholders by articulating the urgency, relevance, and applicability of your security posture. Prepare for the future by outlining your roadmap for security initiatives. With their help you can begin to prioritize risks and measure your effectiveness in the present and future state.

Engaging BlueVoyant

Prepare for Unique Challenges

While the NIST Guide provides best practice standards, BlueVoyant’s Professional Services team uses their fieldexperience to augment our cybersecurity assessment of your organization. BlueVoyant sees the NIST assessment as a way to quantitatively measure your effectiveness across cybersecurity operations.

How BlueVoyant

When you engage BlueVoyant, BlueVoyant will assess the current state of your cybersecurity posture and maturity by comparing your current state against industry-standard frameworks (like NIST) and best practices. After evaluating your technology and interviewing your key staff, we will provide a report on your exposure points.

BlueVoyant report will include counsel on your unique challenges and will outline tailored improvements you should employ. These recommendations will help you to plan using your unique risk profile, budget, resources, policies, and compliance needs.

About BlueVoyant

A first-things-first cybersecurity company focused on delivering best-of-breed technology and outstanding customer service to businesses around the world. BlueVoyant believe in the democratization of cybersecurity - offering robust solutions and tools to businesses previously ignored and underserved.

Through their advanced Threat Intelligence, Managed Security Services, and Professional Services, BlueVoyant excels in intelligence gathering, cybersecurity defense, and detection of attacks with response coupled with remediation. With global SOCs, BlueVoyant is prepared to protect the world over from well-financed threat actors and their newest tools of attack.

BlueVoyant Threat Intelligence Advantage

The services of BlueVoyant’s Threat Intelligence, Managed Security Services, and Professional Services are mutually reinforced. BlueVoyant's proprietary global cyber threat data set provides unrivaled threat intelligence. As a BlueVoyant client, you will have access to their experts who will utilize this data to guide their recommendations.

BlueVoyant team of field-seasoned experts have deep experience in both the public and private sectors and use their knowledge to inform clients on the most applicable threats. From Fortune 500 company leadership to global intelligence communities, BlueVoyant team has seen the threat landscape and is prepared for the constant changes. BlueVoyant plan for the evolving threat horizon and create recommendations that help you to be better prepared for the future.

Engage Additional Support

When conducted alongside the deployment of BlueVoyant's Managed Security Services offerings, BlueVoyant Professional Services team can help provide greater context for your risk level.

Whether you’re looking to safeguard your business image, encourage financial investment, or simply create a more robust plan, the Cybersecurity Assessment can help you expedite smarter cybersecurity improvements.

Vulnerability Assessments:

BlueVoyant will scan and test all of your internal and public facing computer assets for vulnerabilities, leveraging industry standards and custom tools. BlueVoyant will holistically and comprehensively analyze your existing cybersecurity posture.

Vulnerability AssessmentsEvolving Business Operations Expand The Vulnerabilities of Organizations

The business landscape has transformed to include cloud storage and remote workers. While these advancements have significant advantages, they also open networks to increased vulnerability to cyber attacks. With networks no longer static, IT professionals must plan for the inevitability that threat actors will look for opportunities to target organizations with sensitive data.

It’s easier with so many connected devices for threat actors to gain access that may go unnoticed by internal scanning. From proxies for malicious traffic to dynamic redirects on compromised websites, threat actors are monetizing unauthorized access at the expense of customers and the organizations that work to serve them.

Look in from the outside

Even sophisticated scanning can’t account for external vulnerabilities. BlueVoyant’s assessment tools and expertise give resource-constrained IT professionals a different perspective on the potential weaknesses within their infrastructure.

BlueVoyant assessment will provide you with a different perspective into your attack surface. By identifying potential vulnerabilities, BlueVoyant can document and prioritize the actions you need to take to mitigate these weaknesses.

How external assessments help

Many small to mid sized organizations have previously opted out of external assessments because they were cost prohibitive. By ignoring these attack surfaces, threat actors have successfully compromised the integrity of business protections, often going undiscovered for astonishingly long periods of time or until they disrupt operations. By proactively scanning and assessing your risks beyond your network perimeter, you can resolve issues before they become a problem and reduce the possibility of threat actors interfering with your organization.

External assessments are an investment towards solidifying and maintaining your reputation. Several highly publicized incidents have caused severe harm to the trust customers have in large businesses, (Target 2013, Equifax 2017 and Facebook breaches 2019). Small to mid-sized organizations are held to the same standard for customer data privacy but often don’t perform the assessments needed to identify weaknesses.

What BlueVoyant Assess

External Vulnerability Assessment serves to give you unparalleled visibility into your organization’s web presence. BlueVoyant will scan your web properties and report our findings in a digestible, action-outlined format for easy application. BlueVoyant will assess:

  • Servers: scan for server vulnerabilities, unsecured management scripts and sites sharing the same IP
  • Network: identify default credentials, firewall configuration gaps, and all listening devices
  • Web: search all applications in use, listing unauthenticated areas, SQL investigations or cross-site scripting as well as insecure configurations

BlueVoyant will leverage both open-source intelligence, testing for reputation and blacklisting, and the BlueVoyant proprietary global cyber threat data set. By combining both manual search and machinelearning, clients are able to holistically improve their cyber hygiene.

Other Ways BlueVoyant Can Help

External Vulnerability Assessments can add additional value when conducted alongside the deployment of our Managed Security Services offerings. By working in parallel, BlueVoyant's Professional Services team can provide greater context for your risks.

Whether you’re looking to safeguard your business image, encourage financial investment, or simply create a more robust plan, this assessment can help you expedite smarter cybersecurity improvements.

If you need more robust cybersecurity insights, BlueVoyant incident response team is comprised of field-experienced analysts who can help you in the event of a breach. If you need help investigating or remediating, the team of BlueVoyant cybersecurity experts can help you throughout the entire threat cycle, from scanning to identification and prioritization to remediation.

Incident Response Plan Development:

BlueVoyant develop a high-level prioritized response framework for mitigating cyber incidents. This custom plan will be designed and built to provide your organization with a roadmap for responding to cyber incidents across the enterprise.

Reduce Risk With Planned Responses to Cybersecurity Events

Today’s threat landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate because threat actors have become agile, well-financed, and motivated to target organizations of all sizes.

These cybercriminals have found new ways to evade law enforcement using the Deep and Dark Web to monetize stolen information. In response to this increase in criminal activity, organizations are ramping up their cybersecurity protections.

Despite increased efforts and investments in defense tools, no organization is immune from a breach. What you do when this security incident occurs can have serious repercussions for both your organization and your customers.

Perpare for the unpredictable

The threat landscape is ever-changing and the tools threat actors are employing to breach your organization are also evolving. Due to the complexity of most security environments, resource-constrained IT professionals have to focus on emerging priorities and often can’t afford the time, or allocate the resources, to develop an incident response plan.

Plan for the future

While no organization wants to believe they are susceptible to security incidents, the reality is that an incident will occur and you have to be prepared with a robust, relevant, and right-sized solution for responding.

Time is a crucial factor for reducing the impact of a security incident. Unfortunately, most internal incident response teams are already multi-tasking and many organizations don’t have the resources to support this function. When time is consumed by business operations, it’s crucial for your organization to have a plan for responding to incidents.

Streamline your response

BlueVoyant’s Incident Response Plans come into play the minute you have identified suspicious or malicious cyber activity that could impact your business through:

  • Disruption of information systems, networks, or digital services
  • Manipulation and/or destruction of information and infrastructure
  • Unauthorized access to infrastructure and sensitive data

The plan will help streamline the response your team makes to classify events based on overall impact to the organization.

How BlueVoyant Works

BlueVoyant will create a plan that is flexibly built to address multiple breach types and severities. BlueVoyant will help you to identify personnel needed based on the unique threat incidents possible. BlueVoyant will define and outline breach responses based on the event (internal/external threat actor, PII, or proprietary data theft).

BlueVoyant will provide a tailored checklist of prioritized action items, help you to audit legal obligations of your organization, and assess third-party compliance.

Your plan will include ways to:

  • Determine scale of impact and escalation protocol
  • Assign roles and responsibilities post notification
  • Communicate internally when responding to the incident

Benefits to building a plan

By engaging BlueVoyant, you are choosing to incorporate industry-recognized best practices that will be tailored to your specific organization. You will be able to accelerate your response to cybersecurity events, gain insight into current organizational vulnerabilities, and plan for engaging additional support.

BlueVoyant provides plans that give you confidence that you are well-prepared to engage in immediate, effective remediation and eradication responses.

BlueVoyant Advantage

The services of BlueVoyant’s Threat Intelligence, Managed Security Services and Professional Services are mutually reinforced. Their proprietary global cyber threat data set provides threat intelligence unparalleled to our contemporaries.

As a BlueVoyant client, you can amplify your cybersecurity by engaging our team for additional services, such as:

  • Incident Response: BlueVoyant Incident Response Team and SOCs are available for increased insights and incident investigation and reporting
  • Managed Security Services: From endpoint and vulnerability awareness to a complete robust technology suite to address evolving threats, MSS solutions address a variety of common cybersecurity challenges
  • Threat Hunting: BlueVoyant’s team of experts provide human and machine-learning to execute threat hunting for unique targets

Penetration Testing:

Using a three-phase approach, BlueVoyant helps test your systems and network to find and verify security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a threat actor. All discoveries are documented in a report that will specifically identify deficiencies and recommend improvements.

The BlueVoyant Team

How strong are your existing security controls?

Today’s threat actor has become increasingly sophisticated and adept at penetrating networks and applications. Standard security controls may not be sufficient to protect your business from devastating interruptions from well-planned and persistent threats. Defending your business from adversaries looking to exploit vulnerabilities takes trained experts and a proven methodology. An assessment of controls and processes from both within and outside the network can fully identify weak spots within your security posture. BlueVoyant’s team leverages decades of knowledge of attacker behavior and advanced threats to ensure the security of our client’s networks.

The BlueVoyant Advantage

  • Understand the Attackers Mindset - Team of operators and testers with intimate knowledge of advanced adversary TTPs
  • Provide Technical Expertise - Recognized technical knowledge across multiple disciplines, including network, web application, and code level testing
  • Take a Business-Centric Approach - Solutions are tailored to our client’s unique corporate environments and business needs
  • Identify Emerging Threats - Curated intelligence based on exclusive access to global internet traffic and dark web data

Penetration Testing Overview

BlueVoyant tailors our penetration tests to our clients’ organization’s environment and needs. We assess the specific security posture of an organization’s critical systems, networks, and applications. We factor in the malicious adversaries most likely to target your organization by capability, motivation, and intent, then we leverage our vast threat intelligence data set and field experience responding to sophisticated and persistent threats.

Intelligence Drive

Intelligence Drive

Leverage timely and relevant threat actor profiles to mimic realistic attack profiles and drive activities

Methodology Based

Methodology Based

Utilize a defined iterative testing methodology with agreed client authorization and communication touchpoints

Risk Focused

Risk Focused

Perform residual risk calculations which consider likelihood, impact, and currently implemented controls

Tailored Security Solutions

Tailored Security Solutions

Create organizationally relevant solutions with a meaningful impact on cybersecurity

BlueVoyant's Approach

BlueVoyant's testing services leverage our competitive advantages to provide greater value to your organization. These core elements below show the mission behind our Proactive Testing services. But, what does that mean for you?

BlueVoyant's Approach

Penetration Testing Services Overview

BlueVoyant provides a range of penetration testing services based on the requirements of each client. BlueVoyant tests enable us to provide recommendations which could efficiently secure the environment.

Just as attackers vary in terms of their strategy, depth of knowledge, and access to a network, our tests vary, enabling us to figure out myriad ways in which a threat actor might access your system.

Below is a brief list of some of the tests BlueVoyant offers its clients:

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Application Testing
  • Social Engineering


  • Summary of engagement
  • Details of findings and risk assessment
  • Recommended actions and technical details of current risks
  • Long term recommendations

Why BlueVoyant is Different

BlueVoyant penetration testing delivers comprehensible results and deliverables that set us apart from the competition. BlueVoyant spans three business units: Threat Intelligence, Managed Security Services, and Professional Services, which gives us a stronger approach to penetration testing.

  • BlueVoyant proprietary dataset allows us to fully understand your attack surface, including shadow IT infrastructure.
  • Through our MSS offering, we see which cyber attacks are on the rise and relevant to your organization.
  • BlueVoyant experience responding to the latest cyber breaches enables us to prioritize recommendations to efficiently secure your organization.


Download the BlueVoyant NIST Assessment Brief (.PDF)

Download the BlueVoyant External Vulnerability Assessment Brief (.PDF)

Download the BlueVoyant Incident Response Plan Brief (.PDF)

Download the BlueVoyant Penetration Testing Brief (.PDF)

Get Ahead of Sophisticated, Evolving Attackers

BlueVoyant Proactive Service offerings are designed to optimize and improve your cybersecurity efforts. BlueVoyant assess and test your environment to ensure that your security investments are properly safeguarding your critical assets.

This highly sophisticated team includes visionaries and innovators with the experience, ingenuity, and technical depth necessary to evaluate your current security posture, identify gaps and vulnerabilities in your network, and help you plan and prioritize efforts to address your unique challenges.