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Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Traditional Cybersecurity must be coupled with Advanced Tools and Deep Expertise. Help your IT Team Succeed

BlueVoyant's Managed Security Services helps clients achieve the same level of security previously available to only the largest, most well-defended organizations.

BlueVoyant combines an expert team, comprehensive threat data analytics, and comprehensive services and solutions to address the multiple cybersecurity needs of businesses today.

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Traditional Cybersecurity must be coupled with Advanced Tools and Deep Expertise. Help your IT Team Succeed

Businesses that have managed their own security for decades are finding it increasingly more complex to navigate and deliver proper cybersecurity. Networks have grown from desktops in offices into a complex ecosystem of smart phones, laptops, tablets and personal devices - in the office and in the cloud - exponentially increasing the attack surface of your company.

Traditional cybersecurity controls must be coupled with more advanced tools and augmented with expertise that can protect the organization’s endpoints with services like Managed Detection and Response (MDR+) and Managed SIEM.

BlueVoyant’s elite security professionals provide the intelligence needed to take industry-leading tools and make them robust, relevant and right-sized for your organization.

Nation states, organized crime and other adversaries have abundant time and resources that they’re using to look at ways to exploit any network opening. Threat actors targeting intellectual property have figured out that it makes more sense to well-finance their attacks to steal your hard work than to develop their own. Financially motivated actors are extremely efficient at monetizing the information they steal.

Despite large enterprises spending millions of dollars to lock threat actors out, breaches make headlines daily. Couple this with the fact that their sophistication is now allowing them to easily turn their sights toward smaller businesses with little effort and big reward, threat actors are eager to prey on the vulnerable.

Don’t be an easy target; be well prepared. With BlueVoyant’s Managed Security Services, you can avoid the headlines and stop threat actors in their tracks, reducing or eliminating the damage caused by breaches.

threat landscape

BlueVoyant Understands The Threat Landscape

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly complex and fast moving. The commoditization of ransomware has made even the smallest organization a target. This means that it’s necessary to level the playing field and provide cybersecurity that sufficiently covers the needs to organizations, based on their threat-risk profile, not just their budget.

MSS with BlueVoyant allow you to scale your protections, whether you simply need endpoint scanning, detection and response, security insights or if you want perimeter security and directory services and applications for users. We offer Managed Detection and Response (MDR+), Detection-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Co-Managed SIEM.

BlueVoyant Fight Your Fights

BlueVoyant are at your side every step of the way. Thier highly-capable, certified and credentialed team work together to build insights into your network and endpoint that highlight vulnerabilities and deficiencies. BlueVoyant put additional security measures in place and take action in the event of an attack.

Whatever the battle, BlueVoyant’s Managed Security Services can work independently or in a layered approach to handle your greatest security challenges.

What to Expect From the Client Experience

Clients come to BlueVoyant when they realize that their finite cybersecurity budgets cannot keep pace with agile, well-financed adversaries. Given the recent surge in high-impact cyber crimes, it is apparent that even high-performing IT and cybersecurity teams are finding it increasingly difficult to stay ahead of threat actors.

BlueVoyant is a services and technology partner that you can trust to safeguard your business in a scalable way. Whether you need endpoint protection, incident response, or better proactive defense - our various solutions are built to scale to your changing needs.

As you onboard, BlueVoyant’s Client Experience team will guide you and work alongside you as your partner to properly equip you with tools and services that are robust, relevant and rightsized. BlueVoyant will ensure that the plan you choose aligns with your security goals, addresses your security challenges and protects your critical assets. WIth BlueVoyant, you can rest assured their team is prepared to help you detect, respond and remotely remediate.

Be Proactive In Your Preparation

Threat Intelligence, Managed Security Services and Professional Services all share an exceptional talent pool and access to leading-edge technology. BlueVoyant's first-things-first approach provides pertinent information to key stakeholders at the precise time it’s needed to effectively mitigate threats.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR+)

Advanced Threat Detection, Remote Investigation and Rapid Response

MDR+ detects, blocks, and contains malware, ransomware, zero-days, non-malware and file-less attacks automatically. Remote endpoint incident investigation and remediation is led by BlueVoyant cyber intelligence experts. Clients can receive explicit remediation instructions or simply let us remediate and supply after-action reports.

Detection-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Leveraging the BlueVoyant Platform and Deep Expertise to Monitor and Investigate Threats That Matter

DaaS collects logs from applications and on-premise and/or cloud infrastructure to enable advanced threat detection. Investigations into security alerts are supported by BlueVoyant's team of analysts within two global cybersecurity operations centers.

Managed SIEM

Making a Powerful Platform Available to ResourceConstrained Teams

Managed SIEM with Splunk Enterprise correlates and analyzes network logs in real time, aggregating disparate data and applies the latest threat intelligence to filter background noise and identify real security concerns. BlueVoyant experts monitor on-premise and cloud environments with Splunk Enterprise Platform, maximizing your existing platform investments.

Resource-constrained IT teams are overburdened trying to manage a variety of siloed cybersecurity products and respond to a constant barrage of alerts on all fronts. Top of the line security tools are expensive to purchase and require a team of experts in order to maximize their value. BlueVoyant takes a unique approach that includes a sophisticated method of detecting threats faster with the ability to contain and remediate security incidents in a timely manner.

Features & Benefits:

Wavelength™, Client Portal

BlueVoyant's web-based client portal has an easy to understand representation of your security program.

Benefit: See the full context of incidents, assets, vulnerabilities and on-going investigations. In a world where other providers tell you what to do, BlueVoyant show you what BlueVoyant did.

Reinforced Service Offerings

BlueVoyant's MSS Services, like MDR+ work in concert with DaaS or Managed SIEM, as well as Vulnerability Management Services.

Benefit: BlueVoyant is a cybersecurity force multiplier that is robust, relevant and right sized for your needs.

24/7 Security Operations Centers

Geographically diverse SOCs staffed by former government and leading private sector experts are supported by the BlueVoyant Technology Platform.

Benefit: Experts are available and ready to handle alerts and attacks quickly long after your staff has gone home. SOCs minimize the impact of attacks and lower costs with real-time remediation and faster response times, continuously strengthening your security posture.

Reduced Alert Fatigue

Consolidated processes and workflow orchestration, plus automation of security events and alerts helps to triage and reduce false positives.

Benefit: Reduces mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) for cyber security incidents.

Robust Technology Platform

BlueVoyant Technology Platform detects, blocks, and/or contains malware, ransomware, zero-days, non-malware and file-less attacks automatically.

Benefit: You don’t have to buy another technology or shoehorn in another layer of cyber security.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

BlueVoyant's proprietary, open-source, and dark web intelligence is leveraged to expedite triage and enrich investigations conducted by the SOC. Delivered as intelligence reports with new detections outlined with classifications of threat indicators.

Benefit: Greater threat intelligence translates into faster identification and remediation of security events. It also reduces the risk of data loss and business disruption due to successful attacks.


Download the BlueVoyant Managed Security Services (MSS) Brochure (.PDF)

Why Clients Choose BlueVoyant Managed Security Services

Companies turn to BlueVoyant for Managed Security Services when they realize that it makes more sense to outsource due to the complexity and expense of good cyber defense. They have invested in tools and technology that are too complex for their IT staff to fully utilize. Managed Security Services can trim high costs, assist with compliance reporting needs, respond and triage alerts while helping your team succeed in keeping threat actors out of your network. As a cyber security services company, powered by big data analytics, BlueVoyant's superior client results are driven by BlueVoyant's data, BlueVoyant's people and BlueVoyant's platform.

The BlueVoyant team is led by cybersecurity experts from the best defended organizations and government agencies around the world. BlueVoyant minimize the impact of attacks by utilizing pre-approved playbooks to automate threat response, reducing the time an adversary spends on your network. Response time counts when your network is under attack.