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Professional Services

The first 72 hours following the discovery of a data breach are critical. The decisions made carry legal, regulatory, investigatory, and public relations repercussions. During this short time period, every decision is critical and even the most prepared organizations can quickly become overwhelmed.

The importance of having a trusted partner to help guide your organization cannot be understated. Let the BlueVoyant Incident Response Team leverage their expertise and decades of experience to get you the answers you need, putting you and your team in the best position to make the wisest decisions, both efficiently and effectively.

BlueVoyant take a highly efficient investigative approach built on decades of FBI Cyber and private sector experience. The team is fieldseasoned and battle tested, having handled some of the most sophisticated cyber breaches.

From forensic collection to the witness stand, BlueVoyant get you the answers you need, paired with a superior investigative perspective.

Cyber Forensics And Incident Response

To catch an attacker, you have to think like an attacker. BlueVoyant's services are provided by former FBI Cyber Agents, NSA experts, and military cybersecurity specialists who leverage decades of experience to get inside the mind of the adversary. BlueVoyant understand the threat as well as the threat actors.

BlueVoyant's intelligence experts interact with threat actors in the Deep and Dark web as well as in chat rooms where they conduct business. BlueVoyant Professional Services, armed with deep insight and expertise, help advance your security posture and mitigate risks to your enterprise in the event of a breach.

BlueVoyant's team helps you prioritize alerts, uncover new threats, and accelerate reviews. BlueVoyant identify emerging threats and provide access to critical security services when your team needs immediate assistance.

Proactive Services

Today’s threat landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Threat actors have become agile, well-financed, and motivated to target organizations of all sizes. With over 1M new malware variants created each day, these cybercriminals have found new ways to evade detection.

BlueVoyant reduce risk through the assessment, validation, and improvement of your organization's cybersecurity controls. BlueVoyant's approach and methodologies are driven by BlueVoyant's deep knowledge of adversarial techniques and tactics and by staying under the radar in the Deep and Dark webs. Learn how BlueVoyant approach response to security incidents.

Using Splunk®, BlueVoyant create tailored reports that outline actionable insights and intelligence gathered from all of your data sources - from the network to the endpoints. BlueVoyant lets you harness human intelligence and machine learning for proactive enterprise security.

Defend Against Today's Threats

Professional Services are built around best practices, but can be tailored to your specific needs.

Assess Cybersecurity Risks

BlueVoyant uses a carefully developed, proprietary assessment framework to help clients fully understand their entire cybersecurity posture, cybersecurity risks, infrastructure gaps, and external vulnerability blindspots.

After BlueVoyant quantitatively measure your effectiveness across cybersecurity operations, BlueVoyant assist you in prioritizing BlueVoyant's recommendations for improvements. Clients benefit from threat intelligence acquired using informed methodologies that are relevant, current, and actionable.

Mature Your Current Security Posture

Strengthen your cybersecurity through right-sized improvements and enhancements designed to target prioritized risks.

BlueVoyant works with IT teams to create organization-specific recommendations that are robust, relevant, and right-sized.

BlueVoyant's team of field-seasoned experts have deep experience in both the public and private sectors and use their knowledge to inform clients on the most applicable threats.

BlueVoyant plan for the evolving threat horizon and create recommendations that help you to be better prepared for the future.

Received Tailored Offerings and Services

Detailed knowledge and unmatched experience enable BlueVoyant's team to identify and prioritize the most relevant threats to your organization.

BlueVoyant's assessments provide you with robust, actionable, and affordable cybersecurity insights that inform improvements.

In the event of a breach, BlueVoyant's Incident Response team comprised of field-experienced analysts will investigate and remediate.

BlueVoyant cybersecurity experts work with you throughout the entire threat cycle, from scanning to identification, prioritization, and remediation.

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