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Professional Services

Professional Services

Keeping the bad guys out is a difficult job; discovering them and completely ousting them after they are inside is much worse.

You don’t have to do it alone. BlueVoyant combines proven front line experience responding to advanced cyber threats with expertise in building world class defensive cybersecurity programs to stop threat actors in their tracks. Our team’s knowledge of attacker methodologies matched with our access to the latest threat intelligence enables us to fully prevent, assess, respond, and remediate your cybersecurity events.

Are you struggling to evolve your cybersecurity at the same rate as your business operations? A Cybersecurity Assessment can identify potential issues and help you focus on critical areas first.

Organizations leveraging outdated solutions and limited access to cybersecurity expertise are unprepared to meet the challenges of well-financed and agile attackers.

Cyber Forensics And Incident Response

BlueVoyant’s Cyber Forensics and Incident Response team, founded by former FBI cyber division special agents and forensic investigators,  have experience in leading some of the nation’s most high profile and complex cyber investigations.

BlueVoyant experienced team can handle the most sophisticated breach events with precision and speed, getting the answers you need and placing your organization in the best position to mitigate loss and keep your business operational.

BlueVoyant investigative approach centers on providing answers to the most important questions, including root cause, scope of breach, and what data may have been impacted.

BlueVoyant is armed with decades of real world cyber investigative experience within every major industry. Whether you are dealing with insider threats, a ransomware infection, business email compromise, or a complete malware based network compromise, BlueVoyant has the tools and experience to make sure your organization is able to eliminate the threat and ensure protection of your brand, reputation, and assets.

Proactive Services

Today’s threat landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate with millions of new, evasive malware techniques targeting all businesses every week. 

BlueVoyant’s Proactive Services team reduces the risk of business operations being disrupted by providing assessments and recommendations for cybersecurity controls improvements.

BlueVoyant help you anticipate threats and enhance internal processes to be better prepared for incidents, giving you the greatest protection for your most valued assets in a tailored approach.

BlueVoyant offers a variety of services that can help you prepare for emerging attacks by today’s sophisticated threat actors. BlueVoyant can test your security controls, assess your security posture, and create effective response plans - helping you optimize your existing security investments.

How BlueVoyant Professional Services Work

The Professional Services team members work alongside former Intelligence Community operators who have performed offensive cyber operations in support of National Intelligence operations requirements. BlueVoyant experts have encountered the most sophisticated criminal, nation state, and hacktivist actors and their human intelligence analysts have learned their tactics.

BlueVoyant help clients prevent, identify, and respond to cybersecurity problems across their entire enterprise. BlueVoyant integrate IT Security and Business Units for more effective responses to complex and multi-pronged attacks.

You can combine Professional Services with other BlueVoyant Cybersecurity services. Contact a client care rep to learn more.

Discover the BlueVoyant Difference

From malicious traffic to dynamic redirects on compromised websites, threat actors are monetizing unauthorized access at the expense of your customers and your organization.

Defend Against Today's Threats

Professional Services are built around best practices, but can be tailored to your specific needs.

Assess Cybersecurity Risks

BlueVoyant uses a carefully developed, proprietary assessment framework to help clients fully understand their entire cybersecurity posture, cybersecurity risks, infrastructure gaps, and external vulnerability blindspots.

After BlueVoyant quantitatively measure your effectiveness across cybersecurity operations, BlueVoyant assist you in prioritizing BlueVoyant's recommendations for improvements. Clients benefit from threat intelligence acquired using informed methodologies that are relevant, current, and actionable.

Mature Your Current Security Posture

Strengthen your cybersecurity through right-sized improvements and enhancements designed to target prioritized risks.

BlueVoyant works with IT teams to create organization-specific recommendations that are robust, relevant, and right-sized.

BlueVoyant's team of field-seasoned experts have deep experience in both the public and private sectors and use their knowledge to inform clients on the most applicable threats.

BlueVoyant plan for the evolving threat horizon and create recommendations that help you to be better prepared for the future.

Received Tailored Offerings and Services

Detailed knowledge and unmatched experience enable BlueVoyant's team to identify and prioritize the most relevant threats to your organization.

BlueVoyant's assessments provide you with robust, actionable, and affordable cybersecurity insights that inform improvements.

In the event of a breach, BlueVoyant's Incident Response team comprised of field-experienced analysts will investigate and remediate.

BlueVoyant cybersecurity experts work with you throughout the entire threat cycle, from scanning to identification, prioritization, and remediation.